Towels and Apron Rental

Quality Linen Service will provide not only a continuous supply of fresh towels but also safe and convenient means of storage. Cleaning or replacing towels every time they get soiled can be expensive.


  • Clean towels are used more often and collect more soil
  • Safe disposal for hazardous materials
  • Lower, consistent maintenance costs
  • Towels are delivered and picked up regularly

Bar towels- 16”x19”
Shop towels/wipers- 18”x18” + 18”x30”
Hand towels- 16”x27”
Microfiber Towels- 20”x20”
Variety of other toweling


  • 100% Cotton Heavyweight 7.2 oz
  • 32” Nylon Braided Ties
  • Micro Fiber


  • White, Black, Red, Navy & Green