Tablecloths and Napkins

Quality Linen Service offers laundering and rental services for your table clothes, napkins and runners as well as staff attire; on top of that we offer other important services like floor mats, towels, server aprons, chef’s aprons, and apparel, kitchen towels, washroom towels and the uniforms of the different personnel in the restaurant. These different linens made from different types of fabrics all go through rigorous and extended use on a daily basis but require different care. It is this exact specialized care that our we provide to suit your every need. We are your one-stop shop in finding a professional restaurant linen service for all your business needs.

  • Tablecloth standard sizes: 42”x42”, 52”x52”, 62”x62”, 72”x72”, 85”x85”, 52”x114”, 90” Round, 120” Round
  • Special sizes available
  • Napkins come in various colors

Standard Napkin Colors:

White, Black, Red, Burgundy, Navy, Sandalwood, Ivory

Special Napkin Colors with Limited Quantities:

Dusty Rose, Gold, Royal Blue, Chocolate, Hunter Green

Standard Tablecloth Colors:

White and Black

Special Tablecloth Colors with Limited Quantities / Sizes:

Hunter Green, Sandalwood, Red, Chocolate